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  Control Accessories
  12VDC   931230    $59.99
 24VDC  932430   $59.99


 DIN  Power Supply in 120/240VAC

 Output Selection 12 or 24 VDC, 30W

• Compact size, high efficiency and DIN Rail mounting
• 60C rated provides full power/no derating required
• 100-240VAC wide-range auto-selection input
• Overcurrent, shortcircuit, and overvoltage protection
• DC OK LED status indicator
• Parallel operation capable
• Power boost available for large load start demand
• UL Listed CSA Certified

 12VDC   931215   $39.99

  24VDC    932415   $39.99


DIN  Power Supply in 120/240VAC

Output Selection 12 or 24 VDC, 15W

DC Switching Power Supply, Slim-line, DIN-rail mount


 93CH44    $59.99

 10A 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller

  • Automatically manage the working of  Power Supply or solar panel and battery 
  • Overloading & short-circuit protection. Reverse discharging & reverse-polarity protection.
  • Under-voltage and over-charging protection. Protection from lightning strike.
  • Prolong the battery life cycle and keep the load work well.
  • Easy to set up and operate. 
  • Rated voltage: 12V or 24V
    Rated charging current: 10A
    Rated load current: 10A
    Voltage of stop power supply: *10.8V or 21.6V
    Voltage of resume power supply: *11.8V or 23.6V
    Voltage of stop charging: *14V or 28V
    Working temperature: -20 ~ +60C
     Size: 10.2 * 9.5 * 3.8cm / 4 * 3.7 * 1.5in
     Weight: 132g / 4.7oz

  931275    $38.99


 UPG Security System Sealed Battery 12V 7.2Ah SLA

  • Battery: 1 Maintenance-Free Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
    with Suspended Electrolyte
  • Volts: 12
  • Amp Hours: 7.2
  • Lifecycle: 3-5 Years


 ELC12U    $279.99     
   ELC12 Stand alone plc controller controller
HMI LCD Display and keypad
Programming with optional RS-232C or USB interface
Upload and Download from Laptop or PC

(8 DC inputs,) 2 inputs can be used as 0-10V analog
 4 relay outputs, HMI Display & Keypad, 12-24 VDC

• Multiple time clocks, timers, counters, logic and functions
• Built-in Real-Time Clock
  • Power drain 120mA DC
• Input terminal  7.5VDC-24VDC
• Relay outputs, 10 Amp @ 250 V Class 2, pilot duty
 Operating temperature range -4 to 131F (-20 to 55C)

Included USB interface w cable•


Pumps control, Conveyors, Gates, Perimeter, Actuators, Valves, Packing, Emergency, Marinas
, Vessels, Beacon lights, Navigation Aid, Traffic control, Factories, Laboratories, Lighting, Irrigation, Parking lots, Security, Warehouses, Access control, Telecommunication, Solar power sites, Early warning.

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