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Duct ion generator
Negative ion generator. Features a steady-state DC ion emission for efficient ion delivery and intrinsically balanced shielded emitter points with no adjustment necessary. for confined spaces generates a well balanced flow of ionized air particles. which neutralizes any stray electrostatic buildup. Perfect for Clinical or OEM equipment. ESD workstations, and in or around electronics and  assembly lines.
• VAV Systems
• Smoke, and odor control
• Clean rooms
• A/C Duct ionizer and static control
• In line factory process control
• Duct Mounting
• Heavy duty micro pin®needles
• Directional air flow louvers
• Easy installation ready for HVAC
• Solid State, No moving parts
Dimensions  Plastic PVC Enclosure NEMA4
Duct Mount: 8" L x 4" W x 4.5" H
2.8 Lbs.
• Ion density: 2.1 billion ions/cc at 2.9 cm from emitter
• Ion output: 20 billion ions/second
• Coverage: 400 square feet ( *)
• Particle effectiveness: as small as .01 micron
• Purified air flow: greater than 20 feet per minute ( *)
• Power use: less than 1 watts

 UL, CE pending
 ( * Based on  HVAC duct CFM design )
  Final product dimension and appearance may change

12- 24 VDC  VAC
 930720     $299.99      

 Additional information  upon request